New 2016 Primary Theme Banners

Hope you have a very Happy New Year!!!

I’ve been working feverishly on these adorable banners I just made for our Primary.  I’m behind like always and I’ve learned that I procrastinate for the rush of stressing about it.  It’s one of my addictions…LOL.  Anyway…

There are 2 versions of these banners.  One of them is in Navy Letters, the other in Cream.  They both also have shadowed versions or non-shadowed versions.  I can’t decide which one I like best.  I’ve printed both and I’ll see which one I like best once I put them up on the board.

I can’t wait to see how cute these will be on the bulletin board. I’ll post some pics once its all up.  ❤ Andi




Teacher “Whopper” Gift Tag

Hiya.  We only have 7 Primary teachers and I wanted to share a gift tag I added to a box of Whoppers.  I purchased the boxes at the local dollar store and attached this tag with a ribbon.   As I gave them their new binders for the new 2016 Primary year, I also gave these to the teachers while expressing to them how much we loved them.  These gifts were a huge hit!  <3 Andi



2016 Primary – Theme Printables

Hi dearies.  I hope you’re ready for 2016, because as you can tell, I am late and have procrastinated too long.  Tomorrow I’ll be feverishly working on our new bulletin board.  My fabulous Secretary does the outer bulletin board in the Primary foyer, and I try to do the board inside the Primary Room.  I thought I’d offer various options, either individual scriptures and monthly themes, or the full themes and scriptures all together. These are some of the printables I’ll be using.  Hope you can use them too.  Happy New Year!!!❤ Andi






(These picture images are from the website)


2016 Primary Theme Binder Covers

Hello dear friends, here are the first of what I hope to be of 2 versions of binder covers for the new Primary theme for 2016 “I know the Scriptures are True”.  Enjoy



Faith Printable

Hello Dear Friends, I have a new Printable for you here.  I found this awesome quote from Abby Larson from Style Me Pretty.  This is a quote she gave when she was asked what she would tell her daughter when she turned 23.  I simply loved it and had to make one for myself and instantly knew I would share it.  I mean, I can’t help it, right!



Trust in the Lord

Trials come, that’s why we’re on this Earth.  I’m a person who likes to have control over the outcome of my life…as a youth I lost my parents by the time I was eleven.  That was really difficult as you can imagine.  After they passed, I felt I had no control over my life or over my future.  I felt alone, I felt trapped, I felt abandoned and ultimately, I felt I was an orphan for the rest of my life, no longer a daughter to anyone..completely abandoned.

In my mind, orphans were poor, they often smell and wear ragged clothing, they are despised and unloved.  That’s exactly how I let myself feel, and it explains why I covered my grief and pain of abandonment with humor and sarcasm.  Humorous people are loved, at least I thought they were.  I figured if anyone really knew how dark and deep my feelings and inadequacies were, they definitely wouldn’t love me.

Over time, I have been reminded through much prayer and incredible love and support from my sweet husband, that I am indeed not an “orphan”, I am a child of God.  I have been supported throughout my life by amazing siblings and extended family, my In-Laws became my “parents” again, my Seminary and Institute teachers, Young Women Leaders, and dear friends have all blessed me with so much love.

Of course, there are times when we all feel abandoned or lost.  That’s when we need to have increased faith, to fast and pray and search the scriptures for patience & understanding.  Living on this Earth isn’t learning to have control over our future, it’s learning to TURN the control of our lives and futures over to the Lord and trust in His will for us.

That’s why I love this scripture so much from Proverbs 3:5-6:  “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”


I’m planning to re-do our bedroom in soft greys and yellows, I wanted this scripture framed on my “gallery wall”… next to my favorite picture of the Savior.


I pray it helps others like me who need a reminder that the Lord knows all we need.  We just have to trust Him, and seek for His help.

These printable Subway art files comes in various sizes including:  10×8, 14×11, 20×16, & 24×36 (Engineering Print – just upload to Staples).  I’ve also included in each of the files, individual pngs of the subway art for you to add to your own papers or color styles.  These are free for Personal Use only!  Enjoy.  Much Love, Andi


Download 10×8
Download 14×11
Download 20×16
Download 24×36 Engineering Print

4th Article of Faith Game

Hello sweet peeps!  I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day/Weekend.  We went camping and fishing, target practicing with bows, hiking, mud bogging – it was epic.  My boys loved every minute and didn’t want to come home to get ready for school.  I on the other hand was ready for a shower.  3 days in the dirt is plenty for this girl!

I’ve been working on my Sharing Time for this coming Sunday, and since it’s 5th Sunday I thought we would do a game to review this months theme.  I mean, why not, right?  This game is geared toward Senior Primary, although if you have combined primaries, the older kiddos could help with the little ones.  The game is also sort of like Jeopardy, but the kids don’t have to give the answer as a question.  since ST is only 15 minutes, I decided to just include 4 categories with 4 questions for each category.


While I was working with this, my printer decided to run out of colored ink…ugh!  And of course, payday is still a couple days away.  I didn’t want to put off printing and cutting until Friday/Saturday, so I decided to include additional printing options for you.  There are the colored options as shown above, but there are also blank options, meaning you can print them on any colored paper you choose.  Um, I only had bright neon colors, so you know, this is going to be a bright game…LOL

See my sample here: